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Consultant, Strategist, Developer

I'm Gwen, and I've been building highly customized websites full-time for eight years, ever since falling in love with website coding while in graduate school for IT. But before that I worked for years in various research administration roles in a university setting, where my ability to sift through mounds of information and sort it all into its 'right' place was honed. Oh, and years before that I earned my Bachelors in Philosophy.

So how in the world does that relate to how I can help you??

It means I'm a very effective communicator. I know how to ask the right questions to reveal and prioritize the business goals upon which your site should be built. If you have a content-heavy site and know that visitors aren't finding what they're looking for, I can take that jumbled puzzle apart and restructure it cleanly. And I will never, ever, try to impress you with unnecessary tech talk.

I'm committed to delivering exceptional quality and service while making it as comfortable for you as possible. And yes, I think it should be enjoyable as well—for both of us! Let's work together; you'll enjoy a stress-free project, followed by a very good return on your investment.

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