Accessible Website


Deaf & Hard of Hearing Education Initiative

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education Initiative contacted Web Access and explained that they wanted to update their accessible website to better serve the state's deaf and hard of hearing community. The old site wasn't 'friendly' or as inviting as they wished it to be, and it was difficult for visitors to locate the information they were looking for.

During our initial discovery session I mentioned that their current site actually did not comply with accessibility standards since the navigation wasn't keyboard accessible (a requirement that allows individuals without fine motor skills to navigate site links via the tab key rather than a mouse). Having assumed that their site had been compliant all along, they were relieved to now be working with someone who not only had built several accessible websites, but had received specialized training in accessibility.

Web Access delivered a brightly-colored responsive website that is still expanding as we continue to work together. We've added Chat functionality so that visitors can engage with staff during business hours, and an online lending library is soon to be released.