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Vermont Plank Flooring

Vermont Plank Flooring is a small company in Brattleboro, Vermont that has been custom-crafting wide plank flooring—and selling it to the public at mill-direct prices—for over 20 years.

Their previous site was over eight years old so was outdated not only visually but functionally as well. When I met with the owners we determined that there were three priorities for the new site:

  • Showcase Vermont Planks' top-quality product in a friendly, approachable design that appeals to everyone from the DIY homeowner to the high-end architect and interior designer.
  • Regain—and increase—Vermont Plank's visibility in search results, which had been sliding for the preceding two years.
  • Serve as an effective sales tool for the sales consultants when speaking with potential customers.

The Solution

The new site is coded for technical SEO (search engine optimization): fast page loads, content silos that assist search engines in understanding what the site is about, schema markup to improve local search results, and more.

Off-site optimization includes the resurrection of Vermont Plank's social media presence and a forthcoming blog.

With ongoing digital marketing efforts, Vermont Plank is now well-positioned to gain the market share it deserves!